Adriana Lima, Brazilian supermodel, actress and businesswoman.

One Of Adriana Lima’s Must Have is the VANA Health System

In a recent article in PopSugar, Adriana Lima Talks about the VANA Health System being one of her absolute “must-haves”.

Here’s a snapshot of the article:

“When you think of Victoria’s Secret, the first image that probably pops into your head is Adriana Lima. She made her Victoria’s Secret debut in 1999, becoming one of the longest-reigning Angels with 18 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show catwalks under her belt, before subsequently retiring in 2018. As the lingerie brand goes through a rebrand focusing on body positivity, it’s also leaning into the 2000s nostalgia.

Victoria’s Secret brought back its bestselling scent, Heavenly, along with one of its most iconic Angels to spearhead the campaign — Lima included. “I’m back home. I am thrilled. I’m super excited. I love the brand. The brand helped me in every aspect of my life to make me feel empowered, feminine, and sexy,” she tells POPSUGAR, adding that she has special connection to this particular scent. “I shot the first Heavenly campaign, I believe it was 1999, it was my first fragrance campaign ever.” Now, she’s the face of its revival.

In honour of its comeback, we decided to go down memory lane and reminisce about some of her iconic looks from past Victoria’s Secret fashion shows. One of Lima’s favourites is the monochromatic red ensemble during the Paris segment of the 2013 show, noting that red is her favourite colour. Donning the Fantasy Bra three times in her initial VS run, she couldn’t pick just one. “They’re so unique; there’s so much design and time involved to make them. They work manually, placing stone by stone, and to watch that being built is truly a beautiful, incredible artistic process,” she says.

Taking us back to today, Lima also gave us the rundown on current her must-have products, including a golden water bottle, Nike Air Jordans, and a silk sleep mask. Keep reading for the go-to items she can’t live without…

The VANA Health System is a crucial part of Lima’s daily wellness routine. The vials are meant to be taken as a wellness shot, and each set contains a morning formula and a nighttime formula. It uses naturally derived ingredients like vitamins, minerals, and other micronutrients, as well as fruits and vegetables that help keep your cells healthy and provide around-the-clock support for your body. Lima says that “it detoxifies your gut. It gives you more energy. It helps you sleep better at night, too. You see the difference in your skin.” It’s packed with antioxidants, and according to Lima, it tastes like tart cherry.”

Pro Tip: Lima likes to take the a.m. shot right after breakfast and the p.m. shot after dinner and right before bed.

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