Your strength
lies within
your sleep

Sleep Image

The Transformative Power of Sleep

Flowing through a third of life in sleep, it recharges you for the daily vibes. Ensure a rejuvenating and consistent seven to nine hours of nightly rest for optimal performance.
Sleep regulates your hormones, blood sugar, body weight, stress levels, productivity, and physical performance.

Lack of sleep is worse than lack of food

Lack of sleep impairs your cognitive abilities and weakens your immune system. Unfortunately, that’s not all. Chronic poor sleep can increase your appetite, reduce pain tolerance, and raise the risk of developing diabetes type 2, anxiety, depression, and cardiovascular diseases.

Feel the Impact of Sleep with VANA

Experience a restful night’s sleep with VANA. Packed with calming chamomile, tart cherry, lemon balm, and reishi extracts, VANA PM may enhance your mood and sleep quality. Rise feeling rested, refreshed, and ready for a new day.

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